Physical Education


Delivered by a qualified swimming coach, our aquatics programme is concerned with gaining competence and confidence near, in, under and on water. It provides unique opportunities for enjoyment, allowing a learner the sensation of buoyancy. The concern for water safety is stressed throughout the programme.


Our athletics program provides learners with a variety of opportunities to engage in the natural activities of running, jumping and throwing. Learners explore and experiment with the basic movements of walking, running, jumping and throwing through a wide range of informal play experiences. Building on these early experiences, learners then develop the techniques of running, jumping and throwing as they progress through primary school.


Dance Mouse gives young children the opportunity to be introduced to approximately six different dance forms. The aim envelops the technical training of a child’s body in order to safely strengthen, stretch and mobilize the body through exercise and dance. The child is encouraged to dance in response to different stimuli and accompaniment and to view dance performance.


Our piano lessons help learners understand the language of music. The lessons begin with a foundation in making music by ear and progress into a complete musical education.

Our guitar lessons are strategically planned to cover all basic guitar techniques, learning some fun popular songs along the way.


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